Three Charged Over Flint Water Crisis

The State brought allegations against three Michigan men in relation to the high levels of lead  and other contaminates found in the water in Flint, Michigan. Michael Prysby and Steven Busch were charged with violating the Safe Water Drinking Act, misconduct, and tampering with evidence while Mike Glasgow was charged with willful neglect and tampering with evidence.

This comes after Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette began an investigation into the circumstances leading up to the crisis following a state of emergency being declared. Flint residents were exposed to Legionnaires’ disease, E. coli bacteria, and  most devastatingly lead poisoning when officials switched the towns water supply from the City of Detroit  to a nearby river.

A slew of conditions have been reported in the population of Flint, including but not limited to: miscarriages, behavioral changes, marked drops in intelligence, rash, hair loss and death.

Filters have been distributed in the homes affected, but the people largely lack confidence in them. There have been conflicting reports of there effectiveness. Michigan Governor Rick Snyder pledged to drink water from Flint in an attempt to instill trust in the local government’s handling of the issues plaguing the area.

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver remains unconvinced and had this to say, If the governor really wanted to know what it’s like to deal with the situation that we’re in he needs to come and stay here for thirty days and live with us and see what it’s like to use bottled or filtered water when you want to cook and when you want to brush your teeth…”

While holding someone finally accountable is a step in the right direction residents of the Michigan town continue to struggle with their day to day routines. They have also expressed worry that when the 2016 election cycle ends and the spotlight on Flint fades so to will the help.