The Hero America Needs

In a world awash with the plastic and pandering politicians Bernie Sanders stands above the rest. His no nonsense and unapologetic nature has managed to engage a politically apathetic generation and he been the rallying cry for progressives from coast to coast.

So why Clinton?

In a landscape dominated by political families, CEOs, and special interest groups name recognition is key. A second Clinton run was forecasted from the moment she joined the Obama White House as Secretary of State. With decades of D.C. connections and a southern firewall at her back two years ago it seemed general knowledge that Clinton would be next in line. It seemed that it would be her turn. Who could have predicted a known but relatively low key Senator from Vermont would take the to the field with a resonating message born from decades of public service and genuine concern.

When Senator Sanders first started his campaign he was laughed at. The venues he booked were thinly attended and the media coverage even more threadbare, but soon and in rapid succession all that would change. Bernie Sanders became a household name overnight as people from both sides of the aisle took notice. Suddenly this man with no name recognition was filling venues that surpassed even Obama’s attendance records… Bernie Sanders was for real. His stump speeches followed a common formula and kept both young and old listening with his natural story telling ability and light humor, but what kept them coming back was the promise of a political revolution.

While Clinton’s promises sounded more and more like a third term for President Obama with a heavy dose of the status quo Bernie Sanders was not mincing words.His message was clear… No more economic and political oligarchy. The internet was Sanders domain as his message spread across social media like wild fire and seemed to thrust a new generation into it’s first baby steps of political activism.

But is he the hero America needs?

There are very few people in a lifetime that can be a benevolent figurehead of a movement. Fewer still who are willing to face ridicule and tirelessly campaign at the age of 74. Bernie Sanders is a man who sees a future for his fellow citizens. A future free from the daily grind that a starvation wage dictates. One free of choosing between medicine or food. School or shelter.

In short? Yes.

Bernie Sanders is and will remain a role model for current and future generations regardless of how this election season plays out. His message is now carried by thousands and his burden is lightened by the many hands of the political revolution. For those who have been influenced by the Sanders movement things will never be the same again.

We’re awake now Bernie! Thank you.