Doing Nothing Changes Nothing

I would be interested (purely academically) if law enforcement officers have seen a dramatic rise in violence directed at them, or if there are just several instances of high profile retaliation.
I see all the news coverage these stories get as a double edged sword. It drums up tons of support for the officers and spawns hashtags like #BlueLivesMatter (which I find a tasteless hijacking of BLM), but on the other side galvanizes communities tired of being misrepresented and strong armed.
batonrouge_blm_antrellwilliams (1)
When violent actions against a population radicalize people abroad against America then what do violent actions against her own people hope to accomplish? Mark my words.. Milwaukee, Ferguson, Baltimore…  They are a cake walk compared to what is to come if some drastic change doesn’t sweep the country. The discontent is to palpable. The poverty levels are too real. The people have asked, begged, and demanded a peaceful revolution.
Are you really going to act surprised when frustration manifests itself with civil discord?

Or are you going to be a part of the change that invigorates the population and calms the country?


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