Our Bernie and Jane


So many of them…An endless fount of choices,
a million ways to silence a million different voices.
That is until he came out of nowhere like a beacon,
tirelessly giving us a dream, a hope, and a reason
to get out of our comfort zones… to be bold and Bern bright,
and to never NEVER give up the good fight.

Right and Left spin lies and propaganda,
his steps faltered and so we picked up his mantra.
He is a humble man but not without his pride,
but his pride is in us– we helped him find his stride.

We marched and screamed ourselves hoarse
as our “leaders” mocked him with little remorse.
We watched as our dream cracked and our path diverged,
our hearts breaking as we fought the merge.

And we wept…

…for the future that delegates no more super than you or I
robbed from us with not even a bat of an eye.
And when they couldn’t silence us with their gaslighted tactics
they just switched over to their shady mathematics.

But we’re just getting started and finding our cause,
We will fight for justice with new blood and laws.
This is how we will process our righteous anger and pain,
because we will never forget our Bernie and Jane.

Our Revolution!

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