The Revolution Lives On

In the wake of Senator Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Rodham Clinton progressives everywhere were holding their head in their hands. To say that they, in that moment, felt their movement had been betrayed by backroom politics is an understatement. However, in the light of the next day there was an impressive rallying cry throughout Sanders groups and beyond.

Some find Jill Stein to be the next standard bearer in the fight for progressive policy and with breakneck speed jumped ship to the Green Party with the battle cry #HillNo #JillYes! Others have chosen to give the Vermont Senator a bit more faith and wait until after the DNC to make their promised #DemExit.

Can this political revolution survive fractured as it is? Almost undoubtedly. With a large swathe of the Democratic base and Independents, who largely decide elections, finally wide awake to the problems our country faces it’s a sure bet. The anger that is honed in on Senator Sanders is already refocusing on the broader picture, and people are really beginning to understand his campaign slogan… “Not me, Us.”

This Political Revolution started *before* Senator Sanders. It’s infancy partly began with the Occupy movements. While the energy was there the protests had lacked focus. Fast forward a few years later and we have Senator Sanders harnessing that energy and picking a near perfect moment to rally that discontent into clear demands that the rest of the populace could find a cause in.

The Revolution doesn’t die with Senator Sanders. He just raised the bar. We now know that our true strength lies in our numbers and not our wealth. We know that real progressive change can happen when we demand things in unified fashion. We know that the establishment will bend when we push together… If nothing else we owe Senator Sanders a debt for that. Who else would have helped us realize our power and potential on such a large and brutal stage?

We have to find ourselves willing to fight when the fanfare has ebbed. When it’s hard and when there are no accolades and it seems no one cares. When each victory takes our time, money, and fierce commitment… Because it’s safe to say the Revolution lives on, but it will not be televised.



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