Is America In Distress?

Following the wake of FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation for no charges to be filed against Secretary Clinton there was a change so small on social media you may have not noticed it. Profile pictures are being changed to display the inverted American flag… a move that is generally reserved for moments of intense and immanent distress. When asked you get a litany of reasons for the change, but the core belief is that the country is broken. Protesters claim that while the Clinton incident prompted the change she is not the only reason.

In just the past week both Philando Castile and Alton Sterling lost their lives in officer related shootings. They were just the latest names on a list already too long, and the growing frustration with law enforcement protecting its own is adding fuel to a fire that is already blinding to look at.

With the growing number of officer related shootings of unarmed citizens, wealth disparity, and a justice system that favors the wealthy and well connected you can expect this trend to continue.

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