George Clooney Calls $353,400 Clinton Fundraiser “Obscene”


George Clooney hosted a fundraising event Friday night in San Francisco for the Hillary Victory Fund. To nab a coveted spot at the round table couples were expected to shell out a whopping $353,400. It was an event that was protested, largely by Sanders supporters, who came armed with pots and pans they clanked together as they marched to the site.

This morning Clooney was on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd and had this to say. “”Yes. I think it’s an obscene amount of money. The Sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. It’s ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. I agree completely.”

In spite of this perceived obscenity Clooney raised a staggering $15,000,000 between the San Francisco and LA fundraisers. The Clinton campaign was quick to point out through its surrogates that a portion of the funds raised goes towards the Democratic National Committee and other democratic state parties.

Sanders has come out in the past against such events calling them obscene and a step towards oligarchy. As for what he had to say of Clooney’s interview?

“He is honest enough to say that there is something wrong when few people, in this case wealthy individuals, but in other instances for the secretary, it is Wall Street and powerful special interests who are able to contribute unbelievably large sums of money. That is not what democracy is about.”

The Clinton’s Made More In One Paid Speech Than The Sander’s In Entire Year


Hillary Clinton’s social media problems just keep getting worse. At Thursday nights Brooklyn debate the former Secretary of State was quick to hide behind her tax returns when pressed about her Wall Street transcripts. The move seems to have largely backfired.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders released his 2014 Tax Return, as promised, the following day. It took social media users less than an hour to put the two side by side and memers were in rare form as they pointed out the obvious wealth gap.

The Clinton’s adjusted gross income for the year came out to a whopping $27,946,490, and is a number more than a few Sanders Supporters balked at.  What were the Senator’s Numbers? Still a healthy $205, 271, but still less than Hillary Clinton made in one paid speech to Goldman Sachs.

It’s fair to say that in any other given year the Clinton’s tax returns wouldn’t have raised eyebrows, but in the current climate it appears the Democratic front runner miscalculated her crowd. Her prior accusations that Sanders supporters “don’t do their own research” has rallied many to vet everything coming out of the Clinton Campaign.

Currently #ReleaseTheTranscripts has been trending for the third day in a row on social media, but is by far not the first time the hashtag has resurfaced. In light of recent events it doesn’t appear to be disappearing any time soon and will likely continue to hound the Clinton Campaign into the April, 19th battleground vote in New York.




Democracy Springs forward in an act of civil disobedience.


Democracy Spring was a defining moment in our history… even if the mainstream media isn’t giving it it’s due coverage. Close to a thousand Americans marched on Washington D.C. on April 11, 2016 in a display of civil disobedience. Protesters were there to decry money in politics and demanding their voices be heard and an end to Citizens United. As they risked arrest many protesters took to t heir microphones and shared their personal reasons for being there to the cheers and support of their fellows.

While the protests were peaceful there were still a record breaking amount of arrests and local area jails were filled beyond capacity. The Young Turks founder Cenk Uygur was among those arrested after warning his faithful watchers of the possibility and even seeming to revel in the possibility.

Chants of  “Do your jobs! Sign the bills!” “What a time to be alive!”  “This is what Democracy looks like!” and “One person! One vote!” Were heard throughout the day even as over 400 protesters were arrested on the steps of the capitol. Many of those in attendance marched the 140-mile trek from Philadelphia to Washington DC — a journey that took 10 days.

Senator Bernie Sanders tweeted his support to the peaceful protest saying “Americans understand that our gov’t is dominated by big money. Glad to see people taking action to restore democracy. #DemocracySpring”

Democracy Spring is a coalition of different organizations that have come together to get the corrupting influence of money out of politics. The group plans to hold sit-ins between the 11-18 of April with over 3,500 individuals pledging to risk arrest.

Clinton Continues To Gaslight Sanders

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

2016 presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

     First is first! What is Gaslighting you might ask? It’s the willful manipulation of facts to twist and reshape them to form your own narrative. If anyone is guilty of it in this election cycle, many people would point to Donald Trump, but if one takes a closer look to the Democratic side we have clear examples as well.     Let’s cover three of the most blatant instances of gaslighting coming out of the Clinton campaign.

1.) Senator Bernie Sanders has very clear record on guns. He’s come out against assault rifles, seeking to ban them. He’s said that any person who willfully sells guns to criminals, knowingly abetting them, should be held liable. Yet, the Clinton campaign has used the death of 20 children in Sandy Hook to turn a question of liability into an emotional knee jerk response.

2.)  Secretary Clinton also has tried to claim Senator Bernie Sanders was against the auto bailout while omitting some key facts.  Both Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Clinton voted for a stand alone bill that would have bailed out the industry and saved thousands of jobs, however it was shot down by Republicans. Bernie Sanders was not opposed to bailing out the industry… Just the hundreds of other provisions that were tacked onto the bill later down the road.

3.) Secretary Clinton used a very obvious hatchet piece by the Daily News tabloid out of New York to further her campaign. She or her surrogates used a section of the article where Senator Sanders was pressed for information on how he would go about breaking up the banks. It was framed as if he appeared to have floundered… He in fact gave the same answer both he and the Secretary herself gave months prior.

There have been more than the above listed instances of the Clinton campaign twisting the truth to fit their agenda, but not all the blows have landed.  The now infamous #HillarySoQualifed hashtag backfired as both Clinton and Sanders supporters began to use it. Clinton supporters were quick to point out the qualifications for Secretary Clinton while Sanders supporters answered back. Both disqualifications and perceived slights were leveled against the Clinton campaign. Sander supporters would go on to even site the obvious biases of the mainstream media.
The main stream media has been a point of contention for the Sanders supporters, and they often speak up in protest to the blatant biases the Clinton campaign has received. One of the major complaints is that even when Senator Sanders has a string of landslide victories the media seems to marginalize them while propping up the Secretary with deceptively favorable language.
One supporter even went on to write this open letter to the Clinton campaign and the MSM in frustration:

To the Mainstream:

People love to talk about Hillary being the target of a smear campaign. How about what Hillary Clinton is doing right NOW to Senator Bernie Sanders in the press right now? She is outright lying, twisting his statements until they are a shell of what he had originally said and circulating a Daily News hatchet piece that was nothing but “gotcha” questions.
Mind you the answers look legitimately wince worthy… until you actually look a bit closer and really read through the entire transcript. The interviewer asked leading questions, brought up things that had nothing to do with Bernie’s answers in some weak attempt to box him into some reply that they could plaster on a headline without any semblance of real journalism.
Then as if it weren’t bad enough the Mainstream media pounces on this tabloid as if were the spoken word of god, plastering more horrible taglines than ever before in some disgusting attempt to malign a good and decent man.

All I can say is this… Shame. Shame on you Hillary Clinton for trying to use the tragedy of Sandy Hook as your own person stepping stool to the White House. Shame on you Mainstream media for failing the American people, for shoving untold hours of Drumpf down our throats while backing Hillary Clinton in a blatantly biased fashion. Shame on you for refusing to give Bernie credit where it is due without some snide remark or a backhanded compliment full of knuckles.

We aren’t the sheeple you think we are. We are educated and invested. We do our research. Oh… Trust and believe that we see you now and we will remember this beyond the election.

-We the People

While the Democratic side of this election cycle has been far more civilized and issue oriented as the competition ratchets up the contest will continue to grow more heated.