Clinton Condescension Reaches New Heights


The Clinton campaign following New York has one message for Sanders supporters: Just give up! It’s over.

Now this amuses me… It comes from a campaign who’s candidate is under investigation by the FBI, and the possibility of an indictment has loomed over the entire election cycle. It comes from a candidate who has borrowed talking points from its opponent. It comes with there still being 1,400 delegates left in the democratic party process and Sanders only trailing by 227 in the race to the nomination.

If the Clinton campaign is for party unification as it has claimed for so long then why be so condescending towards Sanders supporters? Why try to score a kick to the side of the campaign just when you perceive them to be down? Well… It’s simple really. I’ll sum it up in one word. California.

Without her “home” state advantage Clinton has rarely broken out so far ahead of the Vermont Senator after her southern firewall. In fact the Sanders campaign has pulled ahead of the former Secretary of State in several contests and beat her by rather large margins. This is exactly what the Clinton Campaign hopes to avoid coming into California.

The progressive state already has a following of die hard Sanders supporters who have protested her fundraising with actor George Clooney. He helped raise amounts of money even he admitted on Meet the Press was “obscene.’ Berners in the state have already started a drive to switch voter’s parties from independents to unaffiliated so they can vote in the mixed-primary. A battle in California could be the David and Goliath moment that Hillary Clinton would rather simply avoid. Her campaigns tactics have been nothing less than patronizing and more than a little condescending towards a voting block she hopes to absorb.

What’s worse is Sanders supporters know it. On social media the recoil from her New York victory speech elicited a near instant recoil and doubling down support for Bernie Sanders. A large swathe of the voting block is already swearing to follow the Vermont senator if he were to go for an independent run, and with a large cross section of the democratic party already voting for him this could spell trouble for the Clinton campaign.

The former Secretary of State does very well in closed primaries, but markedly less so in states were independents can vote for Bernie Sanders. Should the Senator make a go of a third party run in November it’s fair to say the Clinton campaign would be pressed to raise funds to fight a battle on two fronts. They never planned for a battle for the nomination to last this long. After all, according to them this has been over since February.



17 thoughts on “Clinton Condescension Reaches New Heights

    • I have to agree. Unification of the ‘party’ or not, there is no way that I would ever vote for Hillary Clinton, after watching the onslaught of manipulation and dirty tricks employed by her and her ‘machine’.


  1. Maybe in her dreams?? Along with being smug and condescending, arrogant and aloof, her tactics (in cohorts with the DNC) are NO way to bring Bernie supporters over to her side. She has played the victim, while smearing Bernie; lied about his proposals; refusal to release paid speeches; said she would investigate allegations of voter suppression in Arizona “once she IS President”; really has not expressed outrage at the suppression taking place, even with her husband, FORMER President Bill Clinton showing up at 4 polling locations in MA and making it so that people couldn’t vote for 2 hours; not sure what he did in Illinois but he was also at polling stations there as well; she does not admonish her supporters for bad behavior but doesn’t hesitate to complain about Bernie supporters at all, even going as far as calling them ” Bernie Bros”. She wants us to vote for someone who is taking my vote for granted and behaving as if she’s superior to me? I don’t think so. Not on her life.

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    • Agreed! I will do all I can to NOT allow her in office. There is a lawsuit in AZ over the voter fraud. There will be one in New York as well from the what I hear.


    • CALIFORNIA VOTERS: Our Presidential Primary, Held on June 6, 2016 is a CLOSED PRIMARY. A closed primary is a type of primary election used to choose candidates who will run in the general election, and in a closed primary only voters registered for the party which is holding the primary may vote; so, Democrats vote for candidates within their own party, Republicans vote for candidates within their own party, American Independent Party votes for candidates within their party, etc, etc, etc. BUT, some party’s have allowed voters who chose to register as ‘No Party Preference’ (aka. ‘decline to state’) voters to be able to vote in the Presidential Primary! These are the party’s allowing ‘No Party Preference’ voters to vote in the California Presidential Primary: The Democratic Party, The American Independent Party, and The Libertarian Party.
      If you are registered as a member of the Green Party, Peace & Freedom Party, or the Republican Party, and you want to vote for BERNIE SANDERS for President, you MUST register either as a DEMOCRAT, or as NO PARTY PREFERENCE (aka. ‘Decline to state’) voter.

      Good luck friends. #FeelTheBern #NotMeUs #FuelTheRevolution


  2. I was so embarrassed the other night when I heard her on social media talking to people of color and telling them she carries a bottle of hot sauce in her bag. Please do not insult my sisters and brothers intelligence.


  3. She’s to the right of Republicans and even the military on the use of force and regime change to out hawk the Hawks who are aligned with the neocon vision of the world order.
    Seems the Democratic establishment defines itself by looking over its shoulder to avoid retribution from the Clinton establishment. It takes warriors like Tulsi Gabbard to walk in her truth risking backlash to remind us of our better angels.
    A well crafted system of voter deception / suppression and mastery of dark money while working around norms of ethics and above the law, lays the foundations for a legacy that scholars and historians will hopefully unravel sooner than later to reset the course for a viable Democracy.
    There should be no illusion that reversing the course toward oligarchy and the associated security state will be a piece of cake.
    The ‘revolution’ will take clear vision, tremendous heart, great sacrifice and immense courage to find legs, establish a footing and complete the transformation.


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