Clinton: 53% – Sanders 47% In New, New York Poll



Sanders continues to close the gap with the current Democratic front runner as his number surge following a strong debate performance. In the new Gravis poll Clinton’s lead has narrowed down to a mere 6 points, and one has to wonder if her Goldman Sachs speeches are finally taking their toll.

Democratic voters on both sides of the aisle are questioning the former Secretary’s reluctance to release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches.The prevailing thought among supporters of the Sanders campaign was echoed in the Brooklyn Democratic debate — Why not release them if there is nothing the voters need to see and put the topic to rest?

When pressed on the issue Clinton seems to launch into political double speak.  Both she and her surrogates claim that this is a new standard and she will only release them when all current presidential candidates, on both Republican and Democratic sides, release their paid speeches. This is a tactic that appears to have largely backfired on the former New York senator as the hashtag #ReleaseTheTranscripts has continued to trend on social media for the fourth day in a row.

One also has to wonder how helpful former President Bill Clinton has been to his wife’s campaign. Things seem to be harkening back to the 2008 election where some close to the campaign noted he may be more of a hindrance than a help on the campaign trail. The former President has seemed to have his own share of controversies in this election cycle.

Just recently he is quoted to have said that Sanders supporters wanted to “shoot every third person on Wall Street.” There is also the more infamous altercation with Black Lives Matter protesters where Mr. Clinton seemed to defend his wife’s use of the term superpredators and lectured them on their movement. It was a move that did not settle well with many African American activists.

With all of this followed up by a weak Thursday night debate performance the Sanders surge comes as no surprise to some political analysts. The Clinton campaign seems to be marred with a series of missteps that should have been easily avoided by the seasoned political couple.

The New York Primary is April, 19 2016 and seems to be poised as one for the history books.


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