The Clinton’s Made More In One Paid Speech Than The Sander’s In Entire Year


Hillary Clinton’s social media problems just keep getting worse. At Thursday nights Brooklyn debate the former Secretary of State was quick to hide behind her tax returns when pressed about her Wall Street transcripts. The move seems to have largely backfired.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders released his 2014 Tax Return, as promised, the following day. It took social media users less than an hour to put the two side by side and memers were in rare form as they pointed out the obvious wealth gap.

The Clinton’s adjusted gross income for the year came out to a whopping $27,946,490, and is a number more than a few Sanders Supporters balked at.  What were the Senator’s Numbers? Still a healthy $205, 271, but still less than Hillary Clinton made in one paid speech to Goldman Sachs.

It’s fair to say that in any other given year the Clinton’s tax returns wouldn’t have raised eyebrows, but in the current climate it appears the Democratic front runner miscalculated her crowd. Her prior accusations that Sanders supporters “don’t do their own research” has rallied many to vet everything coming out of the Clinton Campaign.

Currently #ReleaseTheTranscripts has been trending for the third day in a row on social media, but is by far not the first time the hashtag has resurfaced. In light of recent events it doesn’t appear to be disappearing any time soon and will likely continue to hound the Clinton Campaign into the April, 19th battleground vote in New York.




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