George Clooney Calls $353,400 Clinton Fundraiser “Obscene”


George Clooney hosted a fundraising event Friday night in San Francisco for the Hillary Victory Fund. To nab a coveted spot at the round table couples were expected to shell out a whopping $353,400. It was an event that was protested, largely by Sanders supporters, who came armed with pots and pans they clanked together as they marched to the site.

This morning Clooney was on Meet The Press with Chuck Todd and had this to say. “”Yes. I think it’s an obscene amount of money. The Sanders campaign when they talk about it is absolutely right. It’s ridiculous that we should have this kind of money in politics. I agree completely.”

In spite of this perceived obscenity Clooney raised a staggering $15,000,000 between the San Francisco and LA fundraisers. The Clinton campaign was quick to point out through its surrogates that a portion of the funds raised goes towards the Democratic National Committee and other democratic state parties.

Sanders has come out in the past against such events calling them obscene and a step towards oligarchy. As for what he had to say of Clooney’s interview?

“He is honest enough to say that there is something wrong when few people, in this case wealthy individuals, but in other instances for the secretary, it is Wall Street and powerful special interests who are able to contribute unbelievably large sums of money. That is not what democracy is about.”

One thought on “George Clooney Calls $353,400 Clinton Fundraiser “Obscene”

  1. If Clooney believes Clinton will change the system of money in politics, are we to believe that every big business donor to Clinton believes she is the last politician they’ll ever be able to bribe?
    Or, maybe I’m reading too much into it and Clooney is simultaneously outraged by, and totally cool with, the ‘inevitability’ that money will continue to dominate politics.


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